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Levitra Original and Generic

What is Levitra?

levita formulaLevitra is a prescription drug used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), manufactured by Bayer. To explain, ED happens when the arteries that carry your blood to the penis are too narrow. The active ingredient present in this tablet is vardenafil. 

Levitra and Levitra generic (Vardenafil)

To begin with, a generic drug is a medication that has the same active ingredient as the brand name drug. For this reason, vardenafil is the generic form of Levitra.  Another key point, a generic drug can be marketed after the brand name drug’s patent has expired. Vardenafil was launched under the name Levitra in 2003 by Bayer Health Care. The patent on Levitra expired in 2018.

To understand the cost differences between Levitra and Levitra generic, please consult the following table:

20 mgLevitraVardenafil
4 tablets£90.90
8 tablets£163.10
12 tablets£224.00
16 tablets£288.40
32 tablets£563.20£473.40
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10 mgLevitraVardenafil
4 tablets£89.90
8 tablets£141.80
12 tablets£190.30
16 tablets£245.50
32 tablets£481.90£448.30
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5 mgLevitraVardenafil
4 tablets£66.60
8 tablets£100.10
12 tablets£131.40
16 tablets£171.00
32 tablets£340.40£285.70
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How does it work?

levitra how does it workIn detail, the active component of Levitra (vardenafil) works by increasing blood flow to your penis. As a result, this process helps you get and maintain an erection adequate for successful completion of intercourse. Important to realize, the tablet is efficient only in combination with sexual stimulation

With sexual stimulation you may achieve an erection anywhere from 25 minutes up to 4 hours after taking the tablet. The effect of the medicine will begin 60 minutes after taking the pill. The effective dosage can vary from one patient to another. Given this point, your doctor will prescribe the right dosage according to your health condition and needs. 

How do I take it?

Take Levitra by mouth, as directed by your doctor. You can take it with or without food, 60 minutes before sexual activity. First thing to remember, do not take more than one tablet daily! Doses should be taken at least 24 hours apart.

The initial recommended dose of vardenafil Levitra is 10 mg, once a day. On the other hand, the maximum indicated dose is a 20 mg oral tablet per day. In case you have liver problems or other health conditions, the recommended dose is 5 mg per day. 

Another key point is to avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice and alcohol. To clarify, these ingredients can delay the effect of vardenafil.

Cost comparison Viagra-Cialis-Levitra

Apart from Levitra, you can find other medications that treat ED. Some of these are: Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil). All three are part of a group of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Their active ingredients (i.e. Vardenafil in Levitra) relax your blood vessels and increase blood flow, making an erection possible. Must be remembered, they all work only if you are sexually stimulated. 

For cost comparison Levitra vs. Cialis, please consult the following table:

20 mg / 4 tablets
Original Levitra£22.75 per pill
Vardenafil (Generic Levitra)£20.75 per pill
Cialis£25.75 per pill
Tadalafil£10.75 per pill

Viagra comes in different dosages, namely 25 and 50 mg. The price per pill is of €8.70 for 25 mg and €7.30 for 50 mg. However, keep in mind that the price shouldn’t be the first thing to consider. Choose the medicine that is right for your body and health condition.

How to order it online

In case you don’t have access to a physical location that sells this medicine, you can order it online. In other words, you can purchase Levitra from a regulated online platform. To explain, all you have to do is request an online prescription by filling out a short questionnaire. 

You will have to fill in information regarding your medical history and other personal data. Based on that, the team of experts will determine the right dosage for you. After your order gets approved, the medicine, along with the online prescription, will be delivered to your door.

Follow the instructions available on the website to purchase the prescribed medicine. It is an easy process that takes a minimum of effort.

Do you need a prescription for Levitra?

When will generic Levitra be available? Many patients have been wondering. You can buy cheap Generic Levitra over the counter, as a cost-effective alternative to the brand name version. Important to realize, the generic version contains the same active ingredient – vardenafil. To explain, vardenafil increases blood flow to your genitalia in order to generate a firm and erect penis. The point often overlooked, this medication will activate only when you are sexually aroused.

Vardenafil may interact with other medications. With this in mind, before buying generic Levitra, inform your healthcare professional about other medications you are taking.

Common Questions & Answers

Can Levitra be taken with food?

In general, it is safe to take Levitra with food, but there are a few exceptions and contraindications. Firstly, avoid high-fat meals before taking the oral tablet. To explain, this will lower the absorption rate of the drug and minimize its effects. 

On the other hand, some chemical compounds found in grapefruit juice can interact with vardenafil. It’s better to avoid drinking grapefruit juice before or immediately after taking the oral tablet. Finally, some herbal remedies can react badly when taken with the oral drug. Check with your doctor before combining any of these with the oral drug. 

Who makes Levitra and generic Levitra?

Vardenafil was launched under the name brand Levitra in 2003, by Bayer, a German pharmaceuticals company. It received official drug approval by the European Commission in March, the same year. The Bayer patent for Levitra expired in 2018, making it possible to launch a generic Levitra. 

How many Levitra can I take?

You should take one oral tablet of Levitra per day.  For most patients, the starting dose is 10 mg. Based on the efficiency; you may increase the dose to 20 mg or decrease it to 5 mg. Take Levitra only when needed, about 60 minutes before sexual activity. Furthermore, ask your doctor additional questions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Levitra dosage. For instance, there is a certain dosage of Levitra for diabetics that can bring better results than the regular one.  

In case of overdose, seek immediate help. Signs of overdose may include chest pain, long-lasting erection, fainting, severe muscle pain, back pain, extreme dizziness, or vision changes.

How long does Levitra last in the body?

Levitra takes between 30 minutes and one hour to work. However, the effect can be delayed in case you had a heavy meal or consumed alcohol. The prescription drug can last in your system up to 4 or 5 hours. In case your dosage is not lasting the full-time, then you may be ready for an increased dosage. All things considered, call your doctor immediately if the erection lasts longer than 5 hours. 

What is Levitra used for?

Levitra is a prescription medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence). In combination with sexual stimulation, the drug increases the blood flow to your penis. In essence, it helps you get and keep an erection. It may also be used for other medical purposes. 

Point often overlooked, this oral drug does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. In order to practice safe sex, take other precautions. Consult your doctor for further information.

When to take Levitra for best results?

First thing to remember, read the patient information leaflet provided by your doctor. To clarify, these instructions will guarantee effective results in accordance with your needs. However, there are some general guidelines that can help enhance your sexual performance. 

Firstly, take a tablet 60 minutes before sexual activity. You can take it with our without food. In fact, try to avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice, heavy meals and alcohol to enjoy effective results. Secondly, use the right dosage. Patients respond differently to the medicine. Finally, take this medication by mouth, as needed. Do not take more than one oral tablet per day. To minimize the appearance of adverse effects, take the doses 24 hours apart.

Where can I buy Levitra?

Now, the prescription medicine can be bought even online, from the comfort of your home. To explain, you can order it online from a trusted online platform. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire. The package, as well as the prescription, will be delivered to your door in the shortest time. A reliable platform where you can buy Levitra UK is Apomeds. 

On a similar note, you can purchase it from your local pharmacy. However, the oral drug is not available in all pharmacies. Consequently, ordering it online is more convenient.

How long before sex should I take Levitra?

Levitra needs to be taken around 30 minutes to one hour before sexual activity. Since it is a rapidly disintegrating tablet, it is not necessary to take it with water. However, you can take it with or without food. As has been noted, a high-fat meal may decrease the amount of medicine in the blood. To explain, this can delay the effect of vardenafil. Moreover, the consumption of grapefruit juice before or immediately after taking the oral tablet will magnify the side effects. Do not drink this beverage when taking the medicine.

How long do the effects of Levitra last?

On average, the effect of Levitra can last for about four to five hours in your bloodstream. The effect will begin 60 minutes after taking the pill, but this can vary. Based on some Levitra reviews, people have seen lingering effects up to a day or two after. Another key note is that the medicine comes in different doses. In case the current dose does not work for you, you can try a higher one for long-lasting results. 

Contact your doctor immediately in case your erection lasts longer than 5 hours and becomes painful.

How to make Levitra more effective?

In order to make Levitra more effective, you can follow a few simple steps. To begin with, avoid the consumption of alcohol, heavy meals, or grapefruit juice when taking the tablet. These ingredients can delay the effect of the pill or increase the adverse effects. Moreover, other factors that can be added on this list are illegal drugs and marijuana. 

Secondly, take the pill only when needed, 60 minutes before sexual activity. It’s important to remember that the oral tablet works only when you are sexually stimulated. Do not take more pills within a 24-hour period.

Ultimately, if you are not satisfied with your sexual performance, get in touch with your doctor. He will tell you if the dosage needs to be changed to help you reach the most effective results.

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